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"One of the BEST ASSEMBLIES we have ever offered. WORTH EVERY PENNY!" Linda Adamson - Principal - Hillsborough Schools

"Incredible, fun, and full of important information!"
Anne Makhlouf - Academic Counselor - Annunciation Catholic School

"Every school should have this. Fantastic!"
Annette Fuelling - PTA - La Canada Elementary

"The kindergartners are already using the terminology!" (Said 5 minutes after the show)
Pam Daniger -K Teacher - La Canada Elementary

"Does this apply to grown-ups too?"
Mr. Cline - 2nd grade teacher - Rolling Ridge

"The Bully Game definitely gets a two thumbs up from our school!"
Nancy DeBoer - Counselor - La Canada School District

"It was high-energy, kid friendly, and very informative!"
Erin Poe - 1st grade teacher - Oak Grove Elementary

"A motivational way to learn about bullying!"
Mrs. Geissman - 3rd grade teacher - Landell Elementary

"Fun for all! Speaks to their level."
Lisa Jarecki - Rancho Mirage

"The addition of magic to the program is brilliant!"
Lee Costello - 1st grade teacher - First Presb

"Important, relevant, information for students presented in an interactive, fun and thought provoking manner."
Mr. McGroary - 6th grade teacher - Rosedell Elementary

"Engaging, Creative, Informative!"
Laura Pettit - 2nd grade teacher - Julian Elementary

"The material was presented at kid level and had direct meaning to their daily lives- well done!"
Mrs. Tukino - 6th grad teacher - California Elementary

"Clear, fun and effective!"
Ann Brown - 1st grade teacher - Valencia Elementary

"Wow! Energetic delivery, great student involvement in a unique, inspiring format."
Janis Murray - 6th Grade Teacher - Linda Vista Elementary

"I highly recommend John Abrams' Bully Game. My teachers, my kids all loved the Bully Game and it strongly supports what we do."
Paula Pitluk - Principal - Sunset Lane

"Thank you so much for an awesome assembly!"
Lilia Morales-Bouffard - PTA Pres - Hopkinson Elementary

"Your show received rave reviews from both teachers and the students at all grade levels!"
Susan H. Kanner - Counselor - Paradise Canyon

Now, you too can discover the secret to...
In 1 Hour or Less... Guaranteed!

“The BEST assembly we’ve ever had. It was great! I’m so happy!”
Lisa Campbell - PTA - Katherine Elementary
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According to the National Association of School Psychologists, about


   REMEMBER BACK TO YOUR OWN SCHOOL DAYS…  Does a specific bullying incident stick out in your head?  Were you or a good friend of yours involved in an incident that stuck with you for the rest of your life?  I certainly have a few stuck in my head and I'm sure you do too.
Well, there's no changing the past, but fortunately THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO to make sure it doesn't happen to your students in the future.

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That’s right it’s…


   The Bully Game is a nonstop, action packed, high energy assembly program designed to prevent bullying, repel peer pressure and improve the overall school experience.  And best of all, IT'S TRULY A GAME SHOW.  Your students are the contestants, the entire audience is involved and everyone learns valuable lessons about preventing bullying.

“Highly engaging.  Can't beat the combo of EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT!”

Patricia Lambert - Principal - Minnie Gant Elementary

Through COMEDY, MAGIC, and a bit of MAYHEM, your students will learn…
  • The difference between friendly Teasing and not-so-friendly Taunting
  • How gossip works and why it’s such a monster
  • When’s a good time to “Tell” and when it’s simply “Tattling”
  • How to be a good “Witness” (not just a bystander)
  • When and how to use assertive words to repel the bully
  • How to keep their own self respect, even when things go badly, and…
  • How we can all work together to prevent this problem!

“The 5th graders coolness melted down
and were screamin’ and jumpin’ with just as much fun as the 2nd graders!”

Karalen Hippen - PTA - Linwood Elementary

   There's even cash (well, a giant dollar bill with magic tricks on the back, but they’re pretty cool and the kids love ‘em) and prizes for the winners !


When you book The Bully Game, we take care of everything.  Here's what you get:

  *  FREE Promotional Photo to Advertise Your Event

  *  FREE Press Release to Send to Your Local Newspaper (great press for your school)  Click here to see a few newspaper article

  *  FREE Flyer to be sent home to your students (It tells the parents that your school is making a difference!)

You even get an instructive BULLY GAME TEACHER’S GUIDE.   It’s the perfect tool for your teachers to reinforce the key concepts of the program.

“THE BEST ASSEMBLY of the year!”

Hiacynth Martinez - Principal - Fryberber Elementary

   Each student will receive my Bully Game Coloring Sheet.  Before the show, we will supply you with the camera ready coloring sheet for you to copy and give to your students.  This is a great reminder for them to use the information that they just learned in the show.  Also, it gives them a great visual aid to share with their parents…  and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE.

“It’s the perfect way to get rid of bullying at your school!”

Mrs. Francisco - Principal - Pacific Drive Elementary



   The fees for The Bully Game are about the same as most other school assembly programs.  You can call for a quote in your area.  But, if for some reason your budget doesn’t allow for one more program, The Bully Game qualifies for Title One money.  And remember, the price to replace a torn shirt - $10.00,  a broken locker - $65.00.  A bully free school - Priceless! (O.K., I know that was a bit cheesey, but I couldn’t resist)

“Entertaining and educational.  I believe we got a bargain!”

Luis Motta - Teacher - Belvedere Elementary


  If your still not sure, please take a look at my...
100% No-Risk, Tear Up Your Check,
 Money Back Guarantee

That's right.  You read that correctly.  If you and your students are not completely thrilled with this program, I will tear up your check and fully refund your entire fee...Guaranteed!!!
But don't worry, no one has ever needed to take me up on this offer.
“Okay, John, Everything Sounds Great...Now What?”

   I am lucky enough to be performing over 40 shows a month, every month out of the year.  As you can imagine, times and dates fill up very quickly.  Simply pick up the phone right now and call (310) 989-4348 and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for your area and we can discuss availability and the details of your event.  Why not do it right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.  You’ll be glad you did.

“Your synergy is PHENOMENAL. The BEST I‘ve seen! We had a blast.”

Tawnie Speer - PTA - Fanning Elementary



   Do you want to DOUBLE THE IMPACT of The Bully Game?  In addition to the school assembly, I am offering a PARENTING SEMINAR on bullying.   Let’s face it, all behavioral problems start at home.  That’s a fact, Jack!  It’s super important for the parents to be part of the solution.  The Moms and Dads and the students need to be speaking the same language.  The Parenting Seminar gives each and every parent the tools they need to help their children through the day to day confrontations of bullying.  When you call, make sure you ask about this terrific program.  It’ll make a huge difference in your students lives.

If you've recently had The Bully Game, try THE BULLY GAME 2 - THE SEQUEL. You'll love it!
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Contact John Abrams today to help reduce bullying in your schools!

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