Christmas Show

"World Class Magic Show!" 
The Downey Patriot

 "Cool Critters, Amazing Magic!" News Press

"He's a magician with a message!" The Highlander News

"It seems potty talk can be a teaching tool!"
La Morinda Weekly

"The Flair of a Game Show Host and the Tricks of a Magician!" 
Glendale News

"He's unusually handsome and smells like cookies!" 
Shelley Abrams - wife












































Finally, A Program That Teaches Your Students That THEY CAN SUCCEED... And Gives Them The Secret Formula To Do It!”


The cool Animal Magic show with the funny name.
(No there’s no real apeman - it’s just John)


“You blended MAGIC, HUMOR and VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS into a fun, interactive performance that was as inspirational as it was entertaining!”

Clare Cusato - PTA President - Minnie Gant Elementary

   What the Heck is this APEMAN Show? 
This BRAND NEW PROGRAM    teaches your students to follow their  dreams.  It teaches each and every child that they are special and skyrockets their SELF ESTEEM.   Comedy, Magic, and LIVE EXOTIC PETS.  Magic with a message!

“The combination of animals, magic tricks, music and the hilarious audience participation came together in a first rate show. 

Sue Bruno - Director of Operation - West Vally Christian School

   Your students will learn John’s own 6 point secret formula for success.  The same formula that has driven 1000’s of successful people towards their goals.

“You were FUNNY, INSPIRING and your animals were

Annette Schaeffer - Teacher - Solvang Elementary

Here's a quick summary of the secret formula that works every time:

A - Anything is possible...
P - Follow your Passion...
E - Education...
M - Master the skills necessary...
A - Take Action...
N - Never quit ...

That spells APEMAN!


“A POSITIVE assembly that results in the EMPOWERMENT of HIGH SELF ESTEEM in our students!  I was truly amazed!”

Jill Naylor - Principal - John Stallings Elementary

   Your students will walk out of this one ready to take on the world.  Comedy, magic and live animals in a SUPER INSPIRING program that BOOSTS SELF ESTEEM!

   To contact John to find out prices and book a show.....
John is the busiest assembly entertainer in all of Southern California.  Doing over 400 shows a year, John's calendar fills very quickly.  To contact John to book an Amazing School Assembly click here.  Do it right now, while your thinking about it to make sure you get the time and date that you want.  Contact Now!




More comments from teachers ….


These were quotes from some teachers at Pearl Prep in El Monte.  They were sent to John by Principal Loraine Moore:


I loved his energy and control of the audience.  I was surprised how silly he could get them, yet they didn’t get out of control. - 5th grade teacher


Good, great, awesome, animaltastic, and magitastic! - 3rd grade teacher


I thought it was great and whichever teacher suggested this assembly deserves a raise! - 5th grade teacher


I really liked it. It was interesting and he kept the students attention.
He had a way of keeping them excited but in line
- 4th grade teacher


Our kindergartners through 5th graders were not only entertained, but walked away from your assembly with a valuable lesson. It was definitely the "talk of the day".

Lorraine Moore - Principal - Pearl Prep



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