The "Not the Same" Game

You asked for it. You got it! Finally, An Assembly about Bully prevention that does NOT have the word "bully".

It's The "Not The Same" Game

A lot of folks ask me if I have another Bully Assembly in addition to The Bully Game. One that fits the school's anti-bullying policy, yet is just as fun and content-rich but doesn't use the word "Bully"


Well, the answer, of course, is YES! If you haven't heard already, it's called The "Not The Same" Game!


It's very quickly becoming one of the top assemblies in Southern California.


THE "NOT THE SAME" GAME has the same format as The Bully Game: Your students are the contestants, the entire audience is involved, and everybody learns great lessons about bully prevention.

Super fun, but WAY DIFFERENT!  It's NOT THE SAME!

Different magic, different challenges, and different concepts.

Your students will learn…

  • Everybody is Different (Tolerance) - If you look around you, no matter where you are, you'll notice that every single person is different than every other person. And making fun of someone because they are different than you JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Don't just tolerate the differences, CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCES.
  • To Fill The Bucket (Kindness, Respect & Courtesy) - Many schools have already begun utilizing this fantastic tool. Your students will take home an actual plan to increase their respect towards each other and their environment.
  • To Look Deep Inside (Compassion) - Every person is made up of back stories and living conditions that you may not be aware of. Before making a judgment, stop for a minute and really get to know that person. You may find that they really do have magic inside of them and you may actually have a lot in common. They could become your VERY BEST FRIEND!
  • Sure it’s fun, but these concepts will stay with your students for years to come.


  • 12 Page Teacher’s Guide - You get an electronic copy that reinforces the concepts just presented in the assembly. You can send it directly to all the teachers and the staff so that you’re all speaking the same language and working on the same concepts.
  • 11” X 17” Full Color Poster - You can hang it in the office to get your students all revved-up about the assembly.
  • The "NOT THE SAME" Game Cryptogram - You’re welcome to make copies for your students to follow-up the assembly.


Look into my eyes


  • The "NOT THE SAME" Game Word Search - Also reinforces the key concepts of the assembly.
  • Press Release -To send to your local paper.
  • Newsletter Ad -Put it in your weekly newsletter or send it home with the students.


We supply everything. The sound system, the props, the magic, the fun, the great concepts… All you need to do is have a few chairs, an MPR full of students, some teachers, and staff, and we’ll be ready to rock the house.

People Are Loving The "NOT THE SAME" Game!

THANK YOU for making a difference in students' lives!

  • - Caroline Kim, Salk School (6th grade teacher)

The kids loved it and they were very entertained. And the teachers and parents loved the content and positive message. At my house, we continue to talk about filling the bucket with positive words. Thank you very much for another fantastic show!

  • - Natalie Jester, Hollow Hills, Simi Valley

John Abrams gets children excited about "Looking Inside, Filling the Bucket and Celebrating the Differences," in his high energy assembly! The students were thanking me afterward for such a great assembly! That's when you know you have success!

  • - Cheryl Eames, Wood Ranch Elementary, Simi Valley

Thank you for providing our students with a fun time and an important lesson to think about. You're truly delightful to work with!

  • - Vickie Walker, Garvey School District
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